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Franklin Elementary School

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School Counselors


The Elementary Counselor Program is specifically designed to improve the attendance and success of designated students by adding social and emotional support at the school site.  Working with families, parents, guardians, and Educational Rights Holders to provide support strategies, Elementary Counselors support students and staff at their respective elementary schools by connecting with the students and supporting their socio-emotional growth.

The Elementary Counselors collaborate with the teachers and staff at each elementary school to help identify the site’s unique needs and concerns.   The focus is on helping students increase the development of their social skills and on resolving concerns appropriately and acceptable, through individual and small group counseling.  Elementary Counselors will also present classroom lessons and Parent Nights.

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Erika Perera (909)307-5530 x54301
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Mrs. Perera, Counselor

Cas Santos (909)307-5530 x54301
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Casandra Santos, Counselor