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Friendly Helpers Program 4th 5th Grade

The Franklin Counseling team and Mrs. Facio will be starting the Friendly Helper Program. Franklin Friendly Helpers are a volunteer group of fourth and fifth graders who work on different projects that spread kindness at school and in the community throughout the year. Friendly helpers must be positive role models and follow our school rules.

Each Friendly Helper must do their best in the classroom and on our playground. In addition, each Friendly Helper should model the PBIS expectations. It is a privilege to be a Friendly Helper, and all Friendly Helpers are expected to be “helpers” and “friends” to their fellow students of all grade levels. Friendly Helpers are polite, show respect, and set a good example.

Friendly Helpers will meet every Thursday after school from 1:55 to 2:55 in room 16, starting September 1st. They will use the time to plan for monthly and yearly activities. Students are expected to attend all the meetings and follow the code of conduct to stay in the program.

The meetings will take place the same day as the Broadcasting Club, so if your student is currently in or interested in the Broadcasting club, they would have to choose between the two. We will collaborate with the Broadcasting club frequently, and they will share projects that help create a positive school environment.

If your student is interested in the Friendly Helper Program, please fill out the form.