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Franklin Elementary School

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School Information:

Office Hours: 7:00am-4:00pm

Office Phone Number: 909-307-5530

Address: 850 E. Colton Avenue Redlands, CA 92374

Principal: Rebecca Acosta, Ed. D.

Assistant Principal: Jessica Lunsford, M.A.

School Hours:

State Preschool (SPS) AM  7:30am-10:30am

State Preschool (SPS) PM  11:15am-2:15pm

RSEED Preschool AM 8:00am-11:00am

RSEED Preschool PM 11:45am-2:45pm

AM TK 7:45am-11:25am

PM TK 10:10am-1:50pm

Kindergarten 7:45am-1:50pm

Grades 1-3 7:45am-1:50pm

Grades 4-5 7:45am-1:55pm

Students are allowed on campus at 7:20am if eating breakfast, otherwise, students should arrive at 7:30am.  The Division Street gate is open from 7:20am-7:40am for drop-off.

Breakfast is served from 7:25am-7:40am.  If your student is late, he/she can eat breakfast (Breakfast Break) during his/her first recess. *On minimum days, breakfast will be served from 7:15am-7:50am.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I get information about what's going on at school?

A:  The best way to stay connected to what's going on at school is to ensure that your communication settings are correct in Aeries.  Phone calls, emails and texts home will be sent regularly to share information.  You can allso follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Q:  Where should I plan to drop-off or pick-up my student?

A: Students can be dropped off in the front parking lot or off of Division Street.  The Division Street gate is open in the morning from 7:20am-7:40am.  For dismissal, kindergarten students will be dismissed from their classroom doors.  First grade will be dismissed through the main gates in front of the school. Second grade will be dismissed from gate 3 next to the garden.  Third, fourth and fifth grade students will be dismissed from the Division Street gate.  If you have multiple students at Franklin, your oldest student may meet the youngest student at their gate as long as the parent/guardian communicates this with his/her classroom teacher.  Walkers may exit the main gate or Division Street gate at dismissal.

Q:  What are the school colors and mascot?

A:  Our school colors are royal blue and gold.  Our mascot is Frankie the Falcon.

Q:  How do I become a volunteer for the classroom or school?

A: We love our volunteers at Franklin!  There are many opportunities to serve as a volunteer.  All volunteers must be School Board approved annually and have a current TB (tuberculosis) clearance on file with the district office.  Check under the volunteers tab to complete the registration.  Volunteer clearance must be renewed every year.  You will need to check-in each time with a valid ID in the RAPTOR management program located in the school office.

Q:  What are the school policies regarding bullying and cyberbullying?

A:  The district and school are compliant with Assembly Bill AB86 and Education Code 48900(r) which states that bullying is "one or more acts by a pupil or group of pupils directed against another pupil that constitutes sexual harassment, hate violence, or severe or pervasive intentional harassment, threats, or intimidation that is disruptive, causes disorder, and invades the rights of others by creating an intimidating or hostile educational environment, and includes acts that are committed personally or by means of an electronic act."  School officials have the authority to suspend a pupil or recommend a pupil for expulsion for bullying, including but not limited to bullying by an electronic act.